Coffee Cap Cleaning, Care and Storage

What They Are

Coffee Caps are designed to vent coffee beans through a one-way valve to keep them fresh. Coffee beans need to breathe without being exposed to oxygen, which causes them to go stale.

Before First Use

Pinch the tip of the Coffee Cap valve to separate the opening. This only needs to be done once before the very first use, never again.

How to Clean

Clean your Coffee Caps before each use. They are dishwasher safe or can be washed by hand with soap and warm water.

During Bean Storage

There is no maintenance or monitoring required. Simply secure the Coffee Cap onto the mouth of a Mason jar with a screw band and gases will automatically vent.


Ensure your Coffee Caps are dry before storing and lay them flat in-between uses: this will prevent them from losing their shape. We recommend storing them in their original packaging, if possible.