Kefirko Cleaning, Care and Storage

What It Is

The Kefirko Kefir Making System efficiently streamlines the process of making milk and water kefir beverages. The Kefirko includes basic instructions so you can activate water or milk kefir grains, create kefir, and even flavor kefir, all within the Kefirko system. The Kefirko includes: Kefirko Glass Jar (0.6 L / 20 oz.), 2-Piece Vent & Shake Lid, Juicer Attachment, Swizzle Stick.

How to Clean

Wash all parts of the Kefirko before and after each use. All parts of the Kefirko system can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water.


Ensure all parts are cleaned and dried before storing the Kefirko and stow it in a secure place with the glass body protected.