Pickle Packer Cleaning, Care and Storage

What Is It

The Pickle Packer is a fermentation tamper made of real Acacia wood. The hourglass design and smooth finish provide a comfortable and firm hold while in use. The flat ends are intended for pounding vegetables to break down their cell walls and for packing the pounded veggies tightly into Mason jars to submerge in a brine for fermentation.

How to Clean

Hand wash your Pickle Packer before and after each use with dish soap and water. Allow it to air dry before storing and never leave it submerged in water. 


As with all wooden kitchen utensils, the Pickle Packer should be treated with a food-grade oil or conditioner, as needed. Mineral oil, soy-based oils, or beeswax are all suitable options. Avoid using vegetable-based products, such as olive oil. 


Store your Pickle Packer in a dry environment or put it on display out on your counter.