Pickle Pebbles Cleaning, Care and Storage

What They Are

The Pickle Pebble is a glass fermentation weight made of food-safe soda lime glass that is designed specifically for Mason jars. During fermentation, Pickle Pebbles keep food submerged below a liquid brine to prevent mold growth. 

How to Clean

Be sure to clean your Pickle Pebbles before each use: this prevents contaminants from interfering with your ferment. We recommend hand washing them with warm water and soap, but they can also be cleaned in the top rack of a dishwasher. If using the dishwasher, avoid extreme heat settings (ie. "steam"). Do not boil your Pickle Pebbles

Avoiding Cracks

Glass can crack if exposed to extreme temperature swings, so avoid subjecting your Pickle Pebbles to drastic temperature changes. For example, don't put Pickle Pebbles that are hot out of the dishwasher into a cool brine. If a Pickle Pebble has cracked, please discontinue use and contact us immediately. 


Pickle Pebbles come in a handy gift box with foam padded storage slots for your weights. It's best to keep this box and use for storage in between ferments. This will reduce exposure to other hard surfaces (like drawers, countertops, etc.) that may damage the product.