Pickle Pipes Cleaning, Care and Storage

What They Are

The Pickle Pipe is a silicone airlock made of one simple piece that sits on the mouth of Mason jars and is secured with a common screw band. It automatically releases CO2 through a one-way valve to ensure your jars don’t explode from fermentation gasses, without letting in any oxygen that can cause mold.

Before First Use

Pinch the tip of the Pickle Pipe to activate the valve opening. This only needs to be done once before the very first use. 

During Fermentation

The Pickle Pipe may expand and contract during fermentation as carbon dioxide pressure builds up and is released. This normal and there is no need to manually pinch the valve to release pressure. 

How to Clean

Clean your Pickle Pipes before each use in the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water. 


Ensure your Pickle Pipes are dry before storing and lay them flat in-between uses: this will prevent them from losing their shape. We recommend storing them in their original packaging, if possible.