What is Kefir?

Masontops is proud to create unique tools and comprehensive kits to brew water kefir in Mason jars. To see our assortment of tools and kits, including water kefir grains, click here to go to Amazon through the link below. 

How to Make Water Kefir

Water kefir is extremely easy to make: all you need are some water kefir grains, sugar and water! Water kefir grains can be purchased in a dehydrated state from us or, if you have a friend who brews water kefir, can be gifted in a healthy, hydrated state. It's not possible to make your own, so if you need to purchase them you can do so here.

Kefir grains, like kombucha SCOBYs, are live cultures that eat away sugar and create a tangy, tart taste, plus a plethora of healthy bacteria and probiotics. To activate dehydrated water kefir grains, they just need to sit for a couple of days in sugar water and then can be reused to brew endless amounts of water kefir! After the fermentation processes, most of the sugar is removed from the kefir and all that is left is a healthy and tasty drink that is a great alternative to soda! 

After water kefir is brewed, it can then be fermented a second time with juice, herbs and fruit, to add flavor and create carbonation. Learn more about how to brew water kefir at the link below.

 Download Water Kefir Guide