Trap Cap Fruit Fly Catching Lids


  • Includes 4 Reusable Fruit Fly Catching Lids (1x Blue, 1x Green, 1x Clear, x1 Yellow) 
  • Designed for Regular Mouth Canning Jars (Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.)
  • Works with All-Natural Attractants: Simply Add Apple Cider Vinegar or Other Attractant to Jar and Secure Lid 
  • 5-Hole Design Let's Flies In, but Prevents them from Exiting and Still Catches Flies if One Hole Blocks! 
  • Discreet Way to Deal with Pests and Blends in with Other Kitchen Accessories 
  • Reusable and Dishwasher Safe Plastic 

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Bye-bye, fruit flies. The Trap Cap goes virtually unnoticed as it catches fruit flies and works in any environment—homes, businesses, camp grounds and more. Simply add attractant to a regular/small mouth Mason jar, screw on the Trap Cap lid, and flies will instantly be drawn in, but can’t escape!

Unlike unsightly fly tape that leaves dead flies in plain sight, the Trap Cap on a Mason jar looks like any household item and won’t draw attention to the pests when visitors arrive. It’s simple, clean and effective.


(1) Pour attractant into regular/small mouth Mason jar, such as apple cider vinegar
(2) Screw on Trap Cap
(3) Leave in a place frequented by fruit flies until they’re all trapped—clean and reuse all year long

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Judy S.
United States

Trap Caps

These work perfectly!

Rodney T.
United States United States

They really work !!!

After I set this up, I kept seeing the same fruit fly hovering around my sink every time I went I there - I thought I had wasted my money. After about 2 weeks I spotted what I thought was some kind of mold forming in the vinegar - which is impossible - Upon further inspection that "mold" turned out to be like 20 dead fruit flies !!!! Time to disinfect my disposal !!

Patricia N.
United States United States

Quite the little catch-trap!

I recently placed an order for the glass weights, but since it was Summer, I had fruit flies infesting my kitchen. I used to set out jars of vinegar/soap/water to catch them before, but this lid prevents escape. I even have one in my bathroom for those that get into there. It works very well and I am happy with all my Masontop purchases!

Ellen G.
United States

Fruit fly catching lids - WOW

These lids are SO easy to use! I use apple cider vinegar as the bait (because thats what i have on hand). So I pour a little acv in a pint jar and then just set the fruit fly catching lid on the jar. Secure that in place with a screw band. Then set the jar on a counter or in the area of the problem. Its that easy! Every so often I pour out the apple cider vinegar and replenish it.These tops really work!!