Salt: What Type?


There’s no rule that Kosher salt works best with this or sea salt works best with that. But it’s strongly advised not to use table salt. The combination of anti-caking chemicals and iodine can inhibit the ability for the vegetables to ferment and creates an extra salty flavor. Some fermenters recommend against Kosher salt too because it can have anti-caking chemicals, but we use it all the time and love it. 

These are the salts we recommend fermenting with:

  • Kosher salt
  • Himalayan salt
  • Sea salt

If you’re following a recipe and trying out a different salt than recommended, consider how the coarseness of the salt will impact your new recipe. If the recipe uses a fine-grained salt and you want to use a coarse salt, you’ll need to use more than they recommend.

Find out what salt fermentation expert and author Sandor Katz likes to use in the video below.



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