Surface Growth: Types & Prevention


Have you uncovered your ferment to find some funky looking surface growth? This is a normal and natural phenomenon that sometimes occurs and most of the time is completely harmless.

Surface growth happens as a result of your ferment reacting with oxygen in the air. Kahm yeast is a wavy film that grows on the surface ferments. The color varies, but usually it’s pale white, pink or orange. Although ugly, Kahm yeast is safe to ingest and can easily be scooped off. Mold can also grow on the surface of your ferment, which is much more concerning. Luckily, all surface growth is easy to prevent by following two simple steps when prepping your ferment: submerge your veggies and block open air exposure. 

Learn more about surface growth and how to prevent it from fermentation expert and author, Sandor Katz, in the video below.





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