Welcome, Fab Fit Fun Friends!

Thank you for choosing the Masontops Hydration Set for your fall Fab Fit Fun box. Your included regular mouth Mason jar is compatible with tons of other great Masontops lids. You can get 20% off our entire store with coupon code FabFitFun now until August 31, 2021. 


Lids for Your Water Bottle


On the product page, be sure to choose "regular mouth": that's the size that fits your Mason jar that's used as your water bottle. Wide mouth will be too large. 


Try Something Completely New!


Make your own health foods with our top-rated kits. Most of these products require wide mouth Mason jars, which is a size up from the one you have. You may already have some, if not, you can get them at the grocery store (we recommend wide mouth jars with a quart-sized volume) or order some of ours here