What is "Dry Salting"?


Dry salting is a fermentation method that involves sprinkling salt onto a dry vegetable to draw out the water. The vegetable is then pounded to further break down the cell walls and release juice in order to create enough liquid brine to submerge the vegetables. Sauerkraut is the most common example of dry salting: the cabbage is shredded, salted, pounded, and then packed tightly into a vessel. As the cabbage is tightly packed, a brine is released and raises above to submerge the cabbage. Sometimes extra dechlorinated water has to be added to the ferment if the vegetables are too dry to produce a substantial brine. The alternative fermentation method involves making an external brine; you can learn more about it here

Checkout the below video to see a quick demo of the dry salting method with the Masontops Complete Fermentation Kit.


If you’re interested in the dry salting method, you'll need a good quality tamper to get the job done easily. The Pickle Packer is a great choice because it fits both wide and regular mouth Mason jars and it’s made of durable acacia wood.