2-in-1 Herb Grinder Lids

Size Guide

    • Dual-Use Grinder/Jar Lids for Herbs and Spices - Includes 1 Reusable Grinder/Lid
    • Simple 1 Chamber Grinder Can be Used On or Off a Mason Jar; Doubles as an Airtight Storage Lid
    • Dishwasher Safe Anodized Aluminum
    • Designed for Regular Mouth Mason/Canning Jars (Ball, Bernardin, Kerr, etc.)


Mason Jars are the perfect place to store dried herbs and spices because they're available in a number of volume sizes, have clear walls, and are dishwasher safe. The Masontops Herb Grinder Lid allows you to grind and store your herbs in Mason jars with a dual-use grinder/lid that locks in scent and freshness. 

The Herb Grinder Lid can be used to grind while screwed on to the mouth of a Mason jar or used off the Mason jar as a standard hand held grinder. Excess herbs can then be stored in a regular mouth Mason jar with the grinder screwed on, functioning as an airtight lid. Each Herb Grinder has a silicone gasket that provides an airtight seal to lock in scent and freshness. This product is often used with our Jar Safe Child Resistant Lids



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