Regular Mouth Mason Jar Water Bottle Set

Size Guide
    • 1 Regular Mouth Mason Jar Water Bottle Set
    • Turns Mason Jars into the the Perfect Water Bottle or Thermos
    • Includes 1x Mason Jar (16oz), 1x Insulating Jar Sleeve, and 1x Turquoise Multi Top Drinking Lid
    • Great for Water, Juice, Smoothies, Tea, Coffee, and More!
    • Jars and Multi Tops are in "Regular Mouth" Jar Size; Neoprene Sleeves can Fit Most Mason Jars


Drinking out of Mason jars is becoming increasingly popular because of their large size, they're easy to sterilize in the dishwasher, and they are free of harmful chemicals. The Masontops Mason Jar Water Bottle Set pairs jars with the perfect accessories to make Mason jars a practical water bottle, thermos, and more! 

Want to get the most of this item? It can also be used to mix salad dressings, blend smoothies (immersion blenders fit right into the jar), and even as a container for a layered salad on the go–just remember to keep the dressing on the bottom! 

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