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Back to school! For a lot of us that means back to the lunch-making grind.

It can be tough to find something kids like, let alone is good for them, so we scouted out kid-approved fermentation recipes to make life a little easier. The best part? Your kids can help make them! They’ll love eating their own “science experiments,” especially if you use Masontops fermenting accessories. Our Pickle Pipes come in vibrant colors kids will love and they can even make their own labels with Masontops Chalk Top and Top Chalk markers.

1. Dill & Garlic Carrot Sticks

After a brief fermentation, these Dill & Garlic Carrot Sticks will still look like raw carrots, but with a yummy flavor-loaded kick your kids will love. Carrots are healthy on their own, but these lacto-fermented snacks are loaded with probiotic power and enzymes that will help keep your kids (and their guts) healthy.

Get one of our favorite recipes for Dill & Garlic Carrot sticks from Cultures for Health. All you will need are some carrots, salt, dill, garlic and water. You will also need a Mason jar and food weight, which is what our Pickle Pebbles are for. If you're new to fermenting and concerned about CO2 burping (or CO2 bursting your jar), our Pickle Pipes can automatically do that for you.

2. Real Pickles

If you are an experienced (or ambitious beginner), this Real Pickle recipe by Sandor Katz will be right up your alley. Kids seem to have a love-it-or-hate-it attitude towards pickles, but if they love them... be warned! They're going to want you to make these incredible pickles again and again. They definitely are not the same as the vinegar soaked pickles you buy from the store.

Luckily for you pickle-loving-families, this recipe calls for a large batch. If you don't want to make it in a huge crock, scale back a bit or divide it so you can make them in Mason jars. It's better for storage, plus you can use Pickle Pipes and Pickle Pebbles

3. Water Kefir

Soda or water kefir? If they can't tell the difference, they don't need to know there is a difference. Water kefir is a probiotic drink that is made from water kefir grains to culture sugar water. The taste of the water kefir will depend on how much sugar you add to the water and what you flavor it with, which is great because you can make it suit anyone's preferred taste. Kefir will develop a pleasant fizz during it's second fermentation, which is why some people think it's soda. Keep in mind there is a small amount of alcohol present in water kefir, but as long as you are following regular kefir fermentation practises the alcohol content will be marginal. 

Lean more about Water Kefir, including how to make it, with our free Rocky Mountain Kefir Making Guide.

Fermented snacks are a great way to introduce your family to new foods, get them involved in the kitchen, and ensure they're staying healthy. If you're new to fermentation, Masontops has a great (and free) guide; click here to check it out. We also have a number of beginner-friendly products that take a lot of the guesswork out of fermenting. Check out Masontops fermentation products here. Enjoy!