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All of a sudden preparing salads in Mason jars has become a thing. The simple, vintage presentation is charming, but there’s a practical function that will save your lunch box from oil stains and balsamic-stench.

When you prep salads in Mason jars, you’re supposed to put the dressing in first—at the bottom of the jar—then layer the ingredients on top and seal it. Come lunch, you shake it up and the ingredients are still crisp, fresh and delicious (tip: try to layer hardy ingredients at the bottom, like berries and chickpeas). An added bonus of Mason jar salads is you can use Masontops Chalk Tops to leave personalized messages, best before dates, or ingredients on the lids with the brand new Masontops Chalk Markers: Top Chalk. It’s a sweet way to say “I love you” or inform party guests of what they’re about to eat!

Here are 3 Mason jar salads we recommend you give a go. Healthy, yummy and easy to prep—what could be better?

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1. Sriracha Shrimp Caesar Salad

Caesar lovers rejoice: we have found the perfect twist on an all-time favorite. Say goodbye to grilled chicken and “hello” to refreshing, juicy shrimp with a hint of fire. We love everything about this salad, but highly encourage you use Masontops Chalk Tops & Chalk Top Markers to write the best before date on these bad boys… no one wants to eat spoiled seafood.

The full recipe is on Running to the Kitchen. And yes: it includes anchovies—but what good caesar doesn’t?

2. Berry & Feta Salad

This salad tastes like a dessert and looks like a work of art. Fresh strawberries and blue berries are the celebrities of this delicious dish, but it’s balanced with some healthy greens and salty feta to make it a well-rounded meal for lunch. Topped off (or I guess started with) poppy seed dressing, it’s a go-to for fruit lovers and anyone with a sweet tooth.

Get the full recipe from The Cookie Rookie, plus some drool-worthy photos.

3. Layered Caprese Pasta Salad

This salad is suitable for a full meal, even dinner, thanks to the inclusion of penne. A classic everyone can enjoy, it’s perfect for an impromptu picnic or lunch with friends.

There are some interesting additions to this salad, including walnuts, penne, garlic, and spinach, that really step up the taste and make it a little more filling. For the full recipe and instructions, please visit

As you've probably already realized, you don't have to make these salads in Mason jars. But they really do create a more enjoyable eating experience, plus the clean up is much easier (no leaky Tupperware needed for your dressing). If you're a Mason jar enthusiast, you should check out all of the great Mason jar accessories Masontops has to offer. We specialize in fermentation, but have a number of practical products anyone can enjoy, including Chalk Tops, Top Chalk Markers, and Coffee Caps