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Sourdough bread isn't something new, but it has definitely become more popular in recent years, and is praised for being not only tastier but also healthier than conventional bread.

But what is sourdough bread? 

Sourdough is one of the oldest forms of grain fermentation, and consists of using the wild yeast and lactic bacteria that are naturally present in flour to leaven the bread, instead of commercial baker's yeast. 

But what are the benefits of wild yeast? may you ask.

Well, wild yeast works with lactic acid-producing bacteria to help the dough rise, thanks to its better resistance to acidic conditions. 

You can find lactic acid bacteria in many other fermented foods, including water kefir, yogurt, kimchi, pickles and sauerkraut.

When you mix flour, water, wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, you get what is commonly known as a “starter”.

During the bread making process, sugars present in the dough are fermented and the bread rises, acquiring its 

characteristic taste.

This fermentation process is also longer, which gives the sourdough bread its particular texture.

Want to know the top 5 health benefits of sourdough bread? 

Keep reading!

  • Sourdough bread supports gut health

  • When the ingredients present in the starter are mixed and left to sit, the good bacteria called lactobacillus breaks down creating lactic acid, and in consequence helping your gut to better absorb all the nutrients found in the bread.

    Starches in the grains won't even reach your stomach, since the bacteria-yeast composition will start to break them down long before they make it there.

  • Sourdough bread may aid blood sugar management

  • Sourdough is also a great option for people with blood sugar management issues, thanks to its higher fibre content achieved during the fermentation process. The reason being that, unlike many commercially produced regular breads, sourdough bread has less of an impact on blood sugar levels.

    If you compare it to other types of bread, the sourdough fermentation process depletes bad starches within it,which means that it won’t cause your blood sugar to rise so dramatically. 

  • Sourdough bread reduces the risk of heart disease

  • Usually, high-fibre diets are linked with a lower risk of heart disease. The B vitamin called folate,present in the sourdough bread, is particularly beneficial for pregnant women, since it helps prevent neural tube defects during early stages of pregnancy; and it is also fundamental for heart health. 

    Did you know that about half the amount we need in a day can come from a thick slice of sourdough bread?

  • Sourdough bread is more nutritious

  • Research also suggests that the fermentation process makes fibre and minerals more available to be absorbed. This is thanks to phytic acid,a naturally occurring compound found in grains, which is broken down and therefore enabling us to access the grain’s nutrients more readily.

    Vitamins B1 and B3 present in sourdough bread can also help you boost your metabolism, iron will boost your  oxygen flow, zinc will improve your immune system, and magnesium and calcium are great for bone, muscle and nerve health.

    Now that you know the benefits of sourdough bread, are you ready to give it a try?

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