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The current world pandemic has definitely changed a lot of things about our daily life, but one of the more surprising is the newfound interest in bread baking. With many stores running short of food, an increasing number of people is starting to bake their own bread. 

For some of them, homemade bread is just a means to an end, while many others discovered in the whole process as a source of pleasure, almost a therapeutic one if you will. 

These new bread baking enthusiasts have discovered what many homesteaders have known for years: homemade bread is not only cheaper and healthier than the one you buy at the grocery shop, but it is also incredibly rewarding. 

Today we are sharing some of the amazing benefits of baking your own bread, so keep reading!


Homemade bread is typically made from just a few ingredients, and chances are most of them - if not all -  are already in your pantry. So baking your own bread saves you money!


Even if you find inexpensive loaves of white bread, we have to agree they are not very nutritious. According to the nutrition calculator atSparkPeople, a single slice of store-bought white bread has about 65 calories, 1.4 grams of sugar and less than a gram of fiber. 

Of course, not all store-bought breads are created equal. You can buy bread made with quality ingredients such as whole grains, unbleached flour, and no artificial preservatives, but you will surely pay a lot more for it. By baking your own, you don’t have to choose between nutrition and cost.


Picture a single slice of that cheap, pale loaf from the store, with hardly any substance. Pick it up in your hands and you will feel no weight. If you make a fist while holding it, your fingers will go straight through it.

You could always buy bread with more substance, but it will surely cost a lot more, so you will find yourself compromising flavor or price — again.

With home baked bread, you get the best of both worlds, plus you get to enjoy your fresh bread while it’s still just a bit warm from the oven.


Do you have special dietary needs? Making bread from scratch allows you to customize your recipes, at a much more reasonable cost. 

Home baking allows you to try all sorts of bread that are not so easily found at the store. You can enjoy artisan breads that grocery stores can’t sell because of their short shelf life and bakeries charge a lot of money for. You can also experiment with many different ingredients in the dough. Your imagination is your only limit.


There is something about the process of kneading the dough with their own hands that many people find really therapeutic.

It’s kind of like the fun you used to have playing with play-doh as a kid — except instead of making little balls that are going to get squished up, you’re making something you get to enjoy later.

WhenHuffPost interviewed home bakers, most of them mentioned the satisfaction it brings as a reason to make their own bread. Many said they enjoyed it not only as a relaxing and comforting ritual, but also as an outlet for their creative energy. Many others talked about the sensory experience of mixing the ingredients, smelling the baking bread, and biting a warm slice. And many mentioned being able to make their own bread gave them a much-needed sense of control during these uncertain times we are living in.

Baking bread isn’t a difficult skill to master, and you can find many resources to learn everything you need to know, from bread-oriented cookbooks to online tutorials. 

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Start making your own bread today and enjoy the satisfaction of baking with those you love!