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How to Make milk Kefir

1. Measure your grains. The proper ratio between the grains and milk is important, when making kefir. KEFIRKO is equipped with a measuring cup in the top lid and tactile markings on the outside of the jar. Measure the grains first: for one serving fill the measuring cup with the grains up to the first mark for one serving, or up to the top for two servings.
2. Put the grains into the jar and add the appropriate amount of milk – up to the first tactile marking for one serving and up to the second mark for two servings.
3. Open the top lid of the jar slightly to allow the air circulation needed for the fermentation. Leave it like that at room temperature for about 24h. The primary fermentation is finished when the liquid becomes thicker.
4. When the process of primary fermentation is finished (after approximately 24h), firmly screw the top lid and shake the jar. To prevent kefir from leaking, do not turn the jar upside down or shake it horizontally. This is how you mix your kefir.
5. After shaking the jar, apply the strainer lid and simply pour the kefir into glasses. The special design of the strainer lid will keep the grains inside the jar, separating them from the liquid.