Storing an Active Ferment


Once you’ve prepped your ferment and secured your airlock or lid, place it in a cool and dark place. This could be a kitchen cupboard, basement or mudroom… wherever you can afford the space. You shouldn’t store it in the fridge (because it won’t ferment at all) or anywhere exposed to extra heat, like above your fridge, stove, or near a heating duct. We recommend placing the vessel on a plate or in a dish in case some of the brine leaks out as it bubbles and foams during fermentation.

If you’re using a Masontops Pickle Pipe airlock, fermentation gas will automatically be vented so you don’t need to worry about having easy-access. If you’re planning on manually burping the jars everyday, you’ll want to keep them close by so you don’t forget to release the fermentation gas, which can cause your jars to explode or the lids to pop off.