Tap Water & Brine


If you’re fermenting whole vegetables or working with a very dry shredded vegetable, you’ll need to use water in the ferment to keep everything submerged. The vegetables must stay submerged to cut off exposure to oxygen, which can cause mold. 

“Water” seems like the easiest ingredient on the list. But not if you have unfiltered municipal tap water! Chlorine and chloramine are a big no-no when fermenting. Most municipal tap water has chlorine or chloramine (similar to chlorine, but more resilient) to kill bacteria. The problem is, it also kills the good bacteria you need to get your ferment going.

Learn more about the impact chlorine has on ferments and how you can remove it from water in this video with fermentation expert and author, Sandor Katz.



Pst! Here is a summary of 3 easy ways you can remove chlorine and chloramine from your tap water.


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