Kombucha Brewing Lids

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  • Simple Brewing Lids for Making Homemade Kombucha - Includes 2 Reusable Kombucha Lids

    Allows Air to Easily Flow in and Out of Jars without Letting in Any Contaminants

    Dishwasher Safe, BPA and Phthalate-Free Plastic Lid

    Designed for Wide Mouth Mason/Canning Jars (Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.)

Kombucha is a refreshing, tangy drink made of fermented sweet tea. It's become increasingly popular because of its great taste and the digestive benefits it offers derived from the healthy bacteria created during the fermentation process. Mason jars are a perfect vessel to ferment kombucha in because they don't take up much counter space, they fit easily in the fridge, and they can even serve as a drinking glass once the kombucha is ready. If you don't already have Mason jars, you can order some here.

The Masontops Kombucha Brewing Lid replaces makeshift DIY solutions, like coffee filters, that are prone to error and need constant replacing. The mesh screen allows for air to easily flow in and out of the jar, without letting in any contaminants. If you're new to brewing Kombucha and still need a SCOBY, checkout our Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit here. If you also need jars and a SCOBY, click here.

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