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Father's Day Gift Guide by Masontops


Masontops takes all of the guesswork out of fermenting. Our innovative products make fermenting food easy and fun to ensure your recipes are always a success. These gift ideas are great for dads who love fermented foods (sauerkraut anyone?) or who are interested in the health benefits they offer. Fermented foods are loaded with probiotics and have been credited for improving stomach health and disease prevention.

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1. Deluxe Fermentation Tool Set $49.95 

This kit has everything your dad will need to start fermenting food. The Deluxe Fermentation Tool Set incudes our famous Pickle Pipes, which eliminate the need to manually burp food while it ferments, Pickle Pebble food weights and a Pickle Pipe, our vegetable tamper. Is Dad a fermenting newbie? No worries! Check out our free fermentation guide for step by step instructions and recipes!

Available for $49.95; click here to shop.

2. Cook Book: Creative Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs $21.95

The Fermented Vegetables cookbook is perfect for novice and experienced fermenters with 64 delicious and diverse recipes. If your dad is new to the kitchen, we highly recommend this book to help get his feet wet and make sure his first project is a delicious success.

Pst! You can get it for $14.95 if you purchase one of our fermenting kits, including the Deluxe Fermentation Tool Set above.

3. Kefirko Home Kefir Making Kit $39.95

The Kefirko is the easiest way to make Kefir, a carbonated fermented beverage made with milk or water, and a great gift for Kefir lovers or anyone looking to increase their probiotic intake. If your dad drinks Kefir or enjoys experimenting, he will love this kit. It also is a great way to save money; Kefir can be tough to find and a little pricey.

Available for $39.95; click here to shop.

4. Coffee Caps: Silicone Coffee Bean Storage Lid for Mason Jars $14.95

Coffee my not be a fermented food, but it does need to breathe in a very particular way; kind of like how fermenting food needs to. Masontops specially designed silicone Coffee Caps with a self-venting C02 barrier to keep coffee beans and grinds fresh. 

Available for $14.95; click here to shop.

Our ultimate goal is simply to get people fermenting, so we have a free gift too: Masontops Fermenting Guide. Download it here!