Round Up! Our Favorite DIY Blogs

August 11, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

colourful crayons


It feels great to be able to DIY something rather than head to the store to purchase something new. But we can all use a little guidance sometimes and that’s why the DIY blogosphere is so wonderful. But you could spend forever searching for the best DIY, homemade, and handmade blogs so we’ve done the work for you.


All Things Thrifty

From food to furniture transformations, Brooke Ulrich is on a mission to give readers the confidence (and accessible tutorials) to make things by hand. Be sure to check out her past projects and party ideas.


Smile And Wave

Many of the projects on Rachel’s site are so jaw-dropping that it often seems unbelievable that they were made by hand. But they were and that means you’ll be able to do it too!


Art Bar

Besides having a cool name, Bar Rucci is a graphic designer, art teacher, and mom. She funnels all these skills into her blog, which provides great tips for making your own art. Best of all is that if you’re a parent yourself her blog is packed chock-full of art project to keep the wee ones busy too.


Manhattan Nest

Ok, now here’s some real eye candy. Daniel Kanter fixes up apartments, 19th-century homes, and even condemned houses. His blog offers lots of DIY tutorials, but if we’re being really honest, we’re just as happy to flip through his awesome before and after photos.


Dollar Store Crafts

DIY and crafting is supposed to be the thrifty choice but once everything is said and done, it doesn’t always work out that way. Enter Dollar Store Crafts. This blog promises (and keeps the promise) to be frugal through and through. Most projects are made with – you guessed it – items found at the dollar store and projects are organized by “$10 and beyond”, “$5 and under” and even “$1 and free”.