Mason Jar Meals – Healthy and Delicious Portion Control

May 13, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

Mason jars salads have become a popular brown bag lunch item. For foodies who enjoy what they eat that much more when it looks great, mason jars are an attractive way to ship your food from home to the office. Certainly more so than that beat-up Tupperware with the mix-matched lid and the elastic band holding it all together. But mason jar lunches don't only look good – they can also help you stay healthy. Keep fresh food fresh and plan out your portions in these versatile containers.


This is a breakfast that can taste as good as dessert. Pick your favorite yogurt, fruit, and granola and layer it all in to make a parfait to go. Because your jar will force you to layer your ingredients vertically, you don’t have to worry about mushy granola when you go to dig in.







A few of our favorite recipes:

  1. Make ahead fruit and yogurt parfaits
  2. Pumpkin spice and vanilla yogurt crunch parfait
  3. Plus, our favorite granola recipe fromBon Appetit.


Keep your veggies crunchy by layering your ingredients in your mason jar. By pouring in your dressing first and then putting in your sturdiest veggies you won’t have to chew through soggy lettuce come lunchtime.




A few of our favorite recipes:

  1. Chicken spinach salad
  2. Green garden salad


Smoothies can definitely be good for you – all those fruits and veggies are full of nutrients and if you add yogurt you’re getting protein and calcium that your body needs too. But there can be too much of a good thing. If you’re heavy on the fruits or drinking smoothies very often, you’re also drinking a lot of sugar. So if you need to track your sugar intake, make your smoothie in a smaller mason jar and you’ll still be getting the good stuff, while limiting the stuff you don’t need.

A few of our favourite recipes:

  1. Classic green monster
  2. Raspberry rosewater smoothie
  3. Bonus: Make less mess! Try the mason jar blender trick fromThe Kitchn.


Eating healthy is hard and sometimes you need to give into the craving for your favorite hearty comfort foods. Mason jars can help with that too! Follow one of these recipes to make comfort food – like mac and cheese – in mason jars that will help you control your portion size.







A few of our favorite recipes:

  1. Chicken pot pie
  2. Mac and cheese


If sweets are hard to say no to, mason jar desserts will let you satisfy your sweet tooth in just a few bites.

A few of our favorite recipes: 

    1. No bake lemon cheesecake
    2. Flourless chocolate cake