5 Ways To Use Mason Jars At Your Wedding

May 27, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments


mason jars turned into flower vases and covered with gold sparkles


Rustic weddings are beautiful: picture a barn, strung up with lights, with elegantly laid out tables and dancing barefoot until the wee hours of the morning. It’s a dream wedding scenario but it’s not necessarily in everyone’s budget and can involve a lot of complicated logistics. But, you can bring a touch of rustic to any kind of wedding by creatively repurposing mason jars. Here are our ten favorite ways to do it.

Mason jar vases are yesterday’s news but there are still so many ways to spice up this tried and true idea with a bit of DIY. With just a little bit of paint, glitter, or lace you can establish the mood of your wedding on each tabletop.


Here are a few of our favorite DIY’ers showing you how to decorate your mason jar vases.

How To Decorate Mason Jars For Your Wedding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfLxY4AXdhY

How To Paint Mason Jars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_gCXPB14v8

How To Make Glitter Mason Jars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24aVf_hani0



Whether your wedding is outdoors or in, a simple tea light in a mason jar can add a dash of romance to your décor. Stay safe and choose a flameless candle which will give you the same effect as a traditional candle without the danger of an open flame. Or mix in some modern with your vintage jars, by using LED lights. Blogger Sarah Khandjian from Sarah Hearts has an amazing post showcasing the amazing LED mason jar chandelier from her brother’s wedding. For even more lighting ideas using mason jars, check out our jarlight Pinterest board







Vintage Photos

Amazingly, mason jars can also be used as beautiful picture holders. This DIY is a simple trick to show off your photos. Check out the how-to here.










Why use a plain old glass when you can stylize the way drinks are served at your wedding by using mason jars. If you or your venue doesn’t have enough jars for the whole night, pick out a fun signature cocktail for the night and serve the special drink in mason jars. This also looks great with a printed paper straw!

Mason jars as glasses might seem like a simple wedding DIY but there’s a good and a better way to do it as with anything else. Check out these helpful tips from the Emmaline Bride.






Wedding Favors

It’s always nice to thank your guests for attending your event and a wedding is no exception. By providing your guests with a “take home” it creates a real tangible way for them to hold on to the memories. While we love this project, we’d suggest using a Masontops Chalk Top for your mason jars – your handwritten labels will add a personal touch and then your guests will be able to re-label the jars when they re-use them at home.