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Your mason jars have a sweet tooth, too! Take a break from savoury treats and try out some sweeter recipes, perfect for the summer. 

Not sure what to do with fermented fruit? Try this...

  • On top of ice cream 
  • Over cheese (brie or goat is best) 
  • In a parfait 
  • Blended into a smoothie
  • In sangria (yum!)

1. Sour Cherries - A Traditional Throwback 

Fermented cherries, also known by your grandmother as "brandied cherries" or "pickled cherries," are a traditional favourite and perfect for those with affinity for tart treats. This recipe calls for sour cherries and takes about 2 - 4 weeks to finish, but the results are superb. Get the full recipe here from About.com.

Four weeks is a long time to have your Masontop Pickle Pipes tied up if you make these in mason jars. Pick up an extra Pack of 3 Pickle Pipes so you and your cherries can ferment in harmony. 

2. Sweet Peach - Not What You're Expecting 

Actually, these peaches aren't as sweet as you may think, but they are delicious. Perfectly seasoned, these peaches have a unique flavour with a carbonated kick. The peach taste is still detectable with the other ingredients, including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and vanilla, and is great on top of ice cream. Peaches ferment very quickly, so this recipe will only take about 2 - 4 days. Get the full recipe by Briana Thomas here.

3. Classic Berries - You Can't Go Wrong

Berries are one of the most common fruits to ferment for a reason. They're easy, taste great and preserve well. Like peaches, berries ferment quickly so this recipe should only take you 2 days. You will need a wooden tool and weights; we recommend using Masontops Pickle Packer and Masontops Pickle Pebbles. Since you can also use Pickle Pipes for this, you may want to checkout the Masontops all-in-one starter kit. Get the full recipe from Nourished Kitchen.

If you're new to fermenting, download Masontops' complementary Fermentation Guide and consider ordering Masontops' combo kits (they have the best value!). All you need are some mason jars and a little time!