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There’s a reason why we, Masontops, built our entire company around the Mason jar and it’s not because it makes for a cute name. Mason jars are the best vessel for fermenting food and here are all the reasons why.

1. Mason Jars Are Accessible & Affordable 


You probably already have a collection of Mason jars around your home. Even if you don't, they're inexpensive and available at grocery stores, home good stores, craft stores, hardware stores, dollar stores and online. Needless to say, Mason jars are easy to find virtually anywhere. 

The low cost of Mason jars compared to other fermenting options is incomparable. Crocks, which are another popular fermentation vessel, retail upwards of $100. Mason jars are available for less than $1.00 each – the math is easy.

2. Mason Jars Are The Perfect Size


Mason jars were originally designed for homemakers and as a result fit conveniently into shelves, fridges and other storage compartments. Best of all, Mason jars only come in two standardized mouth options: regular or wide. The standardized sizing really makes things easy when looking for lids and accessories, like Masontops Pickle Pipes and Chalk Tops

When it comes to fermenting, Mason jars make it easy to ferment batches in more manageable sizes. Smaller batches reduce waste and let you try new things more often - unless you're absolutely sure you want to be eating 10 gallons of the same recipe for the next 3 months. 

 3. Mason Jars Are Clean & Green

Mason Jars Eco Friendly

Masontops loves the environment, which is why our fermentation tools are compatible with Mason jar vessels that can be reused for decades. Mason jars are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, thanks to their simple glass construction.

4. Mason Jars Fit with Masontops Fermentation Tools

Masontops Pickle Pipe

The best part about fermenting food in Mason jars is the fact you can use Masontops fool-proof fermentation tools. Masontops sells the most affordable and easy-to-use fermentation products for Mason jars, including:

  • Pickle Pipes - automatically "burp" your fermentation batches so you don't have to
  • Chalk Tops - write names, ingredients or dates on Mason jar lids with chalk
  • Pickle Pebbles - prevent mould with these sleek, glass weights. They'll hold down your ingredients below the brine, preventing food from spoiling 

Masontops strategically built our company around the Mason jar for all of the reasons above. Invented 158 years ago, Mason jars will always be available and will last a lifetime of fermenting delicious, unique batches of sauerkraut, kimchi, real pickles and whatever else your belly desires!

The recent boom of fermented food in the health food industry has lead to an increase in consumer products, like us. Although this is a good thing, navigating through the different methods is overwhelming. We hope this breakdown helped answer some questions and we encourage you to download our free Guide to Fermentation. If you want to get fermenting right away, visit our website to see all of our products that work with Mason jars here.