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What's more comforting than warming your body from the inside out on a crisp day? Soup is an excellent way to stay warm while maintaining a balanced diet. It's like the salad of winter! We have found 3 fermented soups that will keep you warm, happy and healthy until spring and beyond. 

Although we absolutely recommend trying these soups, please keep in mind warming fermented foods can kill some of their healthy bacteria and probiotic power. For instance, sauerkraut soup requires the sauerkraut to be heated, but it's still very healthy and great to make if you have a surplus of sauerkraut. 

Sauerkraut Soup 

Sauerkraut soup is a Ukrainian dish traditionally known as Kapustnyak. Fermenting the summer harvest of cabbage over the long fall and winter is how many Ukrainians survived the barren months without any fresh vegetables. Families would store a large barrel of kraut in their house and scoop from it daily, benefitting from it's healthy bacteria and delicious taste. But as you can imagine, by February that gets old fast*. Then along came Kapustnyak.

Celery, potatoes, quinoa, bacon, sauerkraut and so much more make up the flavors in this hearty soup. Although there are tons of recipes for this dish, we found Natasha's Kitchen had the best ratings. Get the full recipe here

*When we say old, we don't mean bad. Did you know you can ferment vegetables for months or even years on end if they are in a cool enough environment? You can checkout the Masotontops Fermentation Guide here to learn how to make sauerkraut or pick up our Complete Fermentation Kit today to start your own winter batch. 

Coconut Miso Soup

Did you know miso is fermented? The salty broth is the result of fermented soy beans. If you've had sushi before, you likely have been served a small bowl of soup with seaweed and tofu: that's miso! This miso soup, however, is much more unique. Made with carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage and tamari, it's a must-try for any soup connoisseur or miso lover.  

Learn how to make this fun dish by Meghan Telpner here. You can also learn how to make the miso paste at Cultures of Health here. It takes up to 10 months to make miso paste so you'll want to use a Masontops Pickle Pebble and Pickle Pipe for a maintenance-free ferment.

Raw Probiotic Noodle Soup (served cold)

Served cold, this soup maintains all of it's probiotic goodness and will probably be the healthiest noodle soup you ever try (and it's vegan!). Made with daikon, chilli peppers, and dill, it's simple and clean, just the way we like it. We recommend skipping the apple cider vinegar during the ferment and opting for a salt-water brine instead.

Learn how to make this chilled noodle soup by The Global Girl here

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