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Hello, comfort food, family, and full bellies. We understand that Thanksgiving is a time to indulge, but that doesn't mean some of the food can't be healthy. Below are three delicious foods you can ferment before Thanksgiving to cut some of the sugar out of your favorite dishes, while still enjoying incredible flavor. 

Let the good food and great memory making begin...

1. Fermented Cranberries

Hold the sugar! These cranberries call for ginger and some salt to make the brine. After fermenting for just a few days, they will begin to soften and turn into a relish-like consistency. You can hold them down below the brine with a Pickle Pebbleto prevent mold and use a Pickle Pipe so you don't need to worry about burping your jars.

We recommend using these cranberries in your stuffing or as a healthier substitute to cranberry sauce. 

Approximate Ferment Time: 3 - 5 days

2. Fermented Butternut Squash

No butter, no sugar. Sounds horrible, but this squash is still completely delicious and much better for you. You will thank yourself come Thanksgiving when there is one less thing to prepare and shove in the oven. Unlike cooked squash, this will stay nice and crunchy (like a pickle) and will make for an excellent cold side dish. We're hungry already. Get the full recipe from Phickle here.

This recipe can also be made with a Pickle Pebble to hold the squash below the brine. You definitely will want to use a Pickle Pipe here so you don't have to watch over the jars daily.

Approximate Ferment Time: 5 - 10 days

3. Fermented Apples

Is it too dry? Now too wet? It's always so hard to tell what the perfect consistency is for pie crust, so this year we're skipping it all together and opting for fermented apples over ice cream. You can add cinnamon, orange peel, rosemary or mint—really, anything you want—to fit your family's preferred taste.

We recommend fermenting with a bit of rosemary and pouring it over lavender-infused ice cream and, again, using our Pickle Pipe and Pickle Pebble to vent and weigh down the ingredients. Get the full recipe from Empowered Sustenance here.  

Approximate Ferment Time: 1 - 2 days 

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