New (and Beautiful) Storage Solutions

October 12, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments

This summer Masontops was busy at the design desk developing new product concepts focused on Mason jar storage. We created three great new products, all with a different storage solution objective: beauty, durability and creativity. 


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With a rich color depth and smooth wood finish, the Masontops Timber Tops are the queen of Mason jar storage solutions. Made of real bamboo and available for Wide and Regular mouth Mason jars, Timber Tops are an easy way to spruce up your cupboard or fridge. Leak proof and airtight, you can't go wrong with these eco-friendly beauties.  


Masontops Tough Tops Plastic Mason Jar Lid with Q-Tips

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Throw 'em or freeze 'em, Masontops Tough Tops stand the test of time and whatever else comes their way. Freezer and dishwasher friendly, these rugged lids look good and work great. Did we mention they're airtight and spill proof? 


Pack of 6 Starting at $9.95  | SHOP NOW

What's the fun in having Masontops Chalk Top storage solutions if you don't have any chalk to write on them with? Write dates, draw pictures, or simply label your Mason jar contents with Top Chalk markers. Available in a pack of 6 with mixed colors, they're the best chalk markers out there and they don't stain.