Press Release: Masontops Now Launched on The Grommet

August 14, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Masontops® Now Launched on The Grommet
Retail Leader in Innovation Gives Stamp of Approvalto Mason Jar Fermentation

August 14, 2017– Toronto, Ontario – Today The Grommet launched Masontops® fermentation tools for Mason jars on Masontops is the only company carried by The Grommet dedicated to fermenting vegetables in Mason jars. The online retailer is now selling Masontops Pickle Pipe waterless airlocks, Pickle Pebble fermentation weights, the Pickle Packer acacia wood vegetable tamper and the Complete Fermentation Kit which contains a collection of all three products. 

This new partnership identifies Masontops as an innovative leader in the at-home fermentation industry. The Grommet handpicks their products and only selects unique items chosen from companies with aligned values. As a Grommet, Masontops now has a greater stage to spread knowledge on fermentation, including the incredible probiotic health benefits fermented vegetables offer. Fermenting vegetables is easy and fail-proof with Masontops comprehensive assortment of simple fermentation tools that are all compatible with the common Mason jar.

“We are so honored to be a Grommet. As a young company in an emerging market, this partnership is going to shed light on at-home fermentation and help strengthen the industry,” said Masontops co-founder Mike Bacher. “The practice of fermenting vegetables has been around for hundreds of years, but recently it has emerged in the mainstream health food market because of the amazing probiotic benefits fermented vegetables offer. Masontops is at the forefront of this new trend because of our easy-to-use tools and widely accessible vessel: the Mason jar. Plus, we offer incredible educational resources to teach beginners everything they need to start fermenting.”

About Masontops

Founded in 2014, Masontops® is a leading fermentation tool manufacturer and supplier in the health food and kitchenware market, commonly known for the innovative Pickle Pipe waterless airlock tool. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Masontops strives to provide consumers and retailers with the best tools for Mason jar food fermentation. Masontops continues to develop and manufacture top-quality fermentation tools and other Mason jar related accessories with numerous patents and patents pending. For more information, please visit