Press Release: Masontops Pickle Pipe Granted Patent

April 01, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Masontops Pickle Pipe Granted Patent
The Top-Rated Pickle Pipe Fermentation Airlock Tool
Is Now Officially Under Patent Protection


April 1, 2017 – Toronto, Ontario – Today Masontops® was granted patent number D787263 by USPTO for the Pickle Pipe® fermentation airlock. The Pickle Pipe is a unique tool that enables anyone to ferment vegetables at home in Mason jars. The Pickle Pipe is the first product to streamline the fermentation off-gassing process into a one-piece device that requires no water, daily burping or assembly of multiple parts. The patented design features a one-way valve that automatically releases pressure from fermentation gas to prevent jars from exploding without letting in mold-causing oxygen.

“We’re thrilled to officially announce the patent protection of the Pickle Pipe. This news further legitimizes small-batch lacto-fermentation as a unique food preservation and health food category,” said Masontops Director of Sales and Marketing, Michael Bacher. “Gone are the days when vegetables could only be fermented in large ceramic crocks and wood barrels or when fermenters were bound to a regimented burping schedule. Masontops provides the opportunity for anyone to ferment in any size space with the widely accessible Mason jar. This creates a much more appealing environment for beginners and eliminates the biggest barrier-to-entry.”   

The Pickle Pipe made a big splash with the online lacto-fermentation community after its Kickstarter funding success. The Pickle Pipe has been praised by fermenters as the simplest airlock tool that drastically reduces the risk of spoilage to yield the most delicious and healthy vegetable ferments. The Pickle Pipe is a part of an entire suite of Masontops products that provide beginner and expert fermenters the opportunity to ferment in small batches with easy-to-use products, complemented by an extensive library of educational resources exclusive to Masontops.

About Masontops

Founded in 2014, Masontops® is a leading fermentation tool manufacturer and supplier in the health food and kitchenware market, commonly known for the innovative Pickle Pipe waterless airlock tool. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Masontops strives to provide consumers and retailers with the best tools for Mason jar food fermentation. Masontops continues to develop and manufacture top-quality fermentation tools and other Mason jar related accessories with numerous patents pending. For more information, please visit