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Believe it or not, it’s already time to start your holiday shopping and we are here to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year! Gift shopping doesn’t have to be stressful and with our guide this task will be easy-breezy, trust us. Start scrolling and find your perfect gifts today – all in one place!


Gift Guide for Fermenters & Homebrewers:

 This gift guide for fermenters and homebrewers will give you all kinds of ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Find ideas for anyone who is interested in fermenting or brewing, no matter if they are just starting with their journey or if they are advanced fermenting/brewing enthusiasts. 


Gift Guide Healthy Nutrition Must-Haves:

Here, you can find a perfect gift for someone who would love to add some extra nutrition to their diet, loves sprouting or never has enough water bottles!


Gift Guide Organization Must-Haves:

Give the gift of a tidy space this holiday season. After all, an organized home is a happy home, right? Find ideas for easy and useful organization gifts that will improve a space organization for any order-lover.  


Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Folks:

Looking for a gift for someone who loves to spend their time in cozy cabin in the woods beside the bonfire or fireplace? Here you can find gift ideas that will fit their rustic living lifestyle.


Gift Guide for Baking Lover:

Though every season is baking season, holiday season is the best time to experiment with new bakes—and bread is no exception. If you need a gift idea for any bread baking enthusiast, these tools are all they need to start baking homemade artisan bread in the oven!


Gift Guide for Toddlers:

Toys are one of the most popular kids’ gifts of all times, but if you are looking for a gift that is unique and helpful for the toddler and for the parents, look no further. Here you can find a toddler gift idea that is playful but also encourages healthy eating habits and independence.


We hope that those gift ideas will help to minimize the stress related to holiday season and holiday shopping. After all it’s the season of feeling positive, loved and cheerful.


Let us know, which gift idea is your favourite!

Happy holiday shopping! 🎅💙🎄



Make sure your holiday goodies get delivered before it's too late. Shop early and place your order before December 17th to ensure you get your holiday gifts in time!